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A Novella 



Return to Summerchester


The Novella Return to Summerchester takes us back to the idyllic South Coast, Seaside Market Town of Summerchester.


Top chef Jack English walks away from his fashionable London restaurant and takes over the running of a small café in his home town, in a bid to save his marriage.


Olympic hopeful Charlotte Penfold is recovering from a serious injury with the help of her brother Toby and is recuperating at his cliff top apartment.


Will life in the small seaside town of their childhood have the healing effects they both desire or will it bring them to breaking point as they Return to Summerchester?

The Novels



Summerchester Secrets

Madeline Cavendish has it all; she is a beautiful, intelligent, successful young woman with her own thriving PR company and a substantial legacy left to her by her late father.

So why does Madeline drive a battered old car and live in a small apartment above her business premises on the main High Street? The answer is simple; she has a secret, one she hasn't even shared with her closest friend.


Guy Manning is a big shot London architect, who makes it clear from the start that he does not want to be associated with her.


Why is Guy refusing to work with Madeline? For one reason alone, she is a Cavendish and he hates her family and everything they represent.


Henry Longstaff is a friend of both their families and has his own untold secret, which has shaped his whole life.


While Guy’s mother, Christine, has kept a family secret from her son for many years.


But when tragedy strikes the idyllic seaside market town the fall out acts as a catalyst and uncovers the truth behind a series of long hidden Summerchester Secrets.


Winner in the ROMANCE category of The 2016 

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Letting Go

Beth Montague is a talented, beautiful, young woman who is following in her father’s footsteps by becoming a vascular surgeon. 


Alluring, yet vulnerable, men are drawn to her; however, her life is not as charmed as it may appear. Unable to commit, her decisions lead to unsuitable liaisons that ultimately bring heartache and conflict. Brothers Adam and James clash as they vie for her love, while married consultant Robert Barnaby tries unsuccessfully to separate work from pleasure. 


When tragic events shatter Beth’s life, she is left stunned and wondering if the path she is following is right for her. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Bath’s Royal Crescent and London’s Belgravia, the story takes us from her tentative steps into adulthood, through to professional success and the brink of fulfilling her lifelong ambition. But will Beth manage to overcome her fear of loss and open her heart to love?


Only by letting go of the past will she be able to grasp the future.  

Summerchester Regrets


Summerchester Regrets is a short story featuring a character from the novel Summerchester Secrets.

When young teacher Clementine Rogers falls into casual conversation with American artist Clark Hunter, while out walking in the sleepy seaside Market Town of pre World War II Summerchester, little does she know that this meeting will shape the rest of her life.

With oceans, war and family commitments to overcome will love be able to conquer all?

One thing is certain, this is no simple wartime romance and the decisions that are made in the heat of the moment will have lasting repercussions for both of them.

Short Story 



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Also included in NOT JUST SOLDIERS, in Aid of those affected by the War in Ukraine. With other short stories.

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