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Looking forward to publishing my first novel.

I first decided I wanted to be a writer at infant's school when I told my teacher that I was planning to re-write the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However, I did not really start writing seriously until the year 2000.

I wondered where my love of writing came from, but recently found out that my fathers cousin was not only a nurse like myself, and a former editor of the Nursing Standard, but she was also a published author.

Fortunately, I have a copy of one of her novels, 'THE ROUNDABOUT,' A drama of hospital life set in the casualty ward, published by Corgi Books the year I was born (spooky). So it must be in the genes.

The first novel I am planning to publish very soon 'SUMMERCHESTER SECRETS,' is actually the second book I wrote. I think you often doubt your writing in the early days and this can lead to early works being shelved. However, I am now re-editing my first novel, 'LETTING GO,' ready for publication and I am really enjoying the process.

I will post again when I have a definite publication date for 'SUMMERCHESTER SECRETS,' on Kindle.

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