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Hazel Elizabeth Allen's New Novel is Out Now: LETTING GO


Hazel Elizabeth Allen, award winning author, of the novel Summerchester Secrets has a new novel out for 2018. LETTING GO, which is available on Amazon and ibooks as an ebook and on Amazon as a paperback.

Beth Montague is a talented, beautiful, young woman who is following in her father’s footsteps by becoming a vascular surgeon.

Alluring, yet vulnerable, men are drawn to her; however, her life is not as charmed as it may appear. Unable to commit, her decisions lead to unsuitable liaisons that ultimately bring heartache and conflict. Brothers Adam and James clash as they vie for her love, while married consultant Robert Barnaby tries unsuccessfully to separate work from pleasure.

When tragic events shatter Beth’s life, she is left stunned and wondering if the path she is following is right for her. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Bath’s Royal Crescent and London’s Belgravia, the story takes us from her tentative steps into adulthood, through to professional success and the brink of fulfilling her lifelong ambition. But will Beth manage to overcome her fear of loss and open her heart to love?

Only by letting go of the past will she be able to grasp the future.

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